How it Works?

ForwardFund provides a hassle-free way for businesses to improve their enterprise development (ED) and socio-economic development (SED) scores, while also helping to create a world where people identify their own solutions and where they can provide for their communities. The organisations in which ForwardFund invests aim to enhance and develop skills, encourage entrepreneurship and enterprise development, and invest in social-change initiatives, such as community development, women's empowerment and the organisational development of non-profit organisations (NPOs).

Businesses invest their money in ForwardFund and our directors allocate the money to preapproved NPOs, who use it for their preapproved business and development initiatives. You earn B-BBEE points and simultaneously help to improve the lives of many South Africans in need.

ForwardFund works in close collaboration with HGG NPO Sustainability Solutions, whose aim it is to ensure that NPOs are sustainable and financially viable through mentoring, support and development. This ensures that we only invest your money in viable organisations. We are committed to supporting upliftment projects aimed at creating self-sufficient and entrepreneurial communities, which will help to boost our economy and shape the future of our country.

Our partnership with HGG BEEadvised allows us to determine your B-BBEE compliance and supply you with the necessary B-BBEE documentation and verification certificates.

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More Opportunities

Through ForwardFund, companies can also become involved with NPOs and start-up businesses in the following ways, which will also contribute to ED and SED points:

  • Loaned Executive Programme - In support of employment equity, place your senior executives with an NPO.
  • Sponsor an Intern - Employ a graduate/intern and place him or her with an NPO or start-up business.
  • Skills Training - Provide the NPO/start-up business with skills-training programmes.
  • Procurement - Buy a product or service from an NPO/start-up business.

For more information, e-mail Hennie Uys or Andries Coetsee.

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