About us

ForwardFund Trust was founded in 2013 as a champion for good in communities of the Western Cape. For us, it is imperative to enact change. We are sensitive to our surroundings and, to instil a healthier and happier economic future for all, requires a collective effort. As a registered administrator of an investor's funds, ForwardFund Trust facilitates and monitors all disbursements to give our clients peace of mind at all times concerning their contributions.

As a nurturing entity, we enable change via entrepreneurship initiatives, education projects, community involvement and by developing new skill sets and stimulating economic sustainability. Our empowerment drive includes financial management, fundraising, marketing and managerial skills.

Our primary focus falls squarely on previously disadvantaged students, women and the disabled, equipping them with the necessary tools to enable future economic and social empowerment.

ForwardFund Trust is a trustworthy partner for enacting meaningful change in South Africa. We can help to ensure that your contributions are employed in a transparent and responsible manner.

To all companies and individuals who want to support our skills development programmes, we offer enough options to make an informed decision about the project that might resonate with them most.

In this partnership, there lies progression and prosperity. ForwardFund Trust invites you to join us in creating communal well-being.

Meet the ForwardFund Trustees

Hendrik Gerryts

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Casper Marais

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Allyson Kolbee

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