Badisa is a church-based social services organisation which focuses on the care, self-development and treatment of indigent and vulnerable people from all sectors of society, regardless of age, race, sexuality or religion.

Bright Start

Bright Start is an education support programme aimed at the upliftment of children from low income, historically disadvantaged households. Bright Start provides access to holistic education and also focuses on capacity building for parents.

Help the Rural Child

Help the Rural Child Trust operates six charity shops in the greater Cape Town area and is entirely dependent on donations received. The proceeds of sales at these shops go towards supporting rural youth centres.


MedicAlert is a third-party custodian of personal health information. The MedicAlert repository can provide critical medical information to healthcare providers and first responders 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world.

Philippi Trust

Established in 1999, Philippi Trust is a fully accredited training service provider which offers counselling and training under professional supervision and in keeping with a code of ethics and good practice.

West Coast Community Foundation

The West Coast Community Foundation provides grants to local causes that make a real difference to the most vulnerable people in the community. The Foundation partners with individuals and organisations to enable community development in the West Coast area.

1000 Women

The 1000 Women Trust aims to raise awareness around gender-based violence, rape and abuse. 1000 Women mobilises resources to assist women-led organisations with grants and skills development in order to empower, inspire, educate, lobby and equip women.

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