Current projects

ForwardFund Trust manages many community projects. We have listed a few of them below.

Hermanus feeding and learning scheme

During 2020 ForwardFund became involved with a feeding and learning scheme in a less privileged area outside Hermanus. Covid-19 and the economic hardships posed by the pandemic increased the need to feed, learn and take care of disabled children in this community. Currently the project feeds 250 children daily and takes care of five disabled children. This all happens along with continuous learning of homework, social skills and interpersonal relations. The project is run by Surya Pieters of the local community, who started the project using her pension fund. We are also grateful for the help of Jozua Rossouw, from Modern Art Galleries in Hermanus, for his support and heart for these kids.

Samaritan’s Feet project

The aim of the Samaritan’s Feet project is to help the children of the Western Cape to reach their full potential by supporting them physically, emotionally and socially. We use shoes as a vehicle to connect with schools and children. Our aim is to distribute 10 000 pairs of shoes to children in six Western Cape districts. By providing children with shoes to get to school, we create a starting point to getting an education. We also bless girls with sanitary pads to ensure going to school is not a problem once a month.

This project also focuses on equipping community leaders to take care of and serve their own communities. Through our John Maxwell Leadership programme (Future Now) we are training 10 youth leaders from each community. This programme aims to ensure that the love, care and message of hope which we introduce through distributions, continue long after the gifting days.

Craftswomen project

ForwardFund is planning a number of projects that will fall under the broader umbrella of Entrepreneurship. We have already commenced with our craftswomen project, in collaboration with Els & Co. The aim of this project is to upskill unemployed women and to enable them to contribute to the income of their households. The products created by each craftswoman will carry her unique stamp, and each time one of her products is purchased, she will receive an extra share of the profits. In a time of severe job losses, we are happy to say that we can contribute to changing lives and stimulating the economy.

We’re also working on the establishment of a Craftswomen’s Trust that will own a significant share in Els & Co. and thereby place our craftswomen one step closer to their dreams of escaping a life of poverty.

Photography project

ForwardFund Trust launched a photography course in 2020. The course consists of 12 modules and covers various aspects of photography, including practical sessions where students can apply their knowledge.

The photographs of some of our photography students were displayed at the launch of the book Stipstaar, by well-known photographer Gerhard Scholtz, in December 2020, and the response was overwhelming. A portion of the proceeds of the sale of each book were also donated to ForwardFund Trust.

The value of this photography course lies not only in the attainment of a new skill, but also in the opportunity to see life from a new perspective and to grow in the process.

HGG Library at Imibala

The HGG Library at Imibala allows us to share the joy of reading with all the children who walk through our doors.

Many of the schools that Imibala serves are not able to provide a library of this standard to their learners. This means that we have a wonderful opportunity to expose these children to reading for enjoyment and to create a culture of reading and intellectual exploration. Our collection ranges from picture books to novels for young adults, alongside a growing number of non-fiction and educational books.