How it works

The organisations in which the ForwardFund Trust invests aim to encourage entrepreneurship and enterprise development. We firmly believe that the solution to our country’s economic challenges lies in empowering the small business owners and entrepreneurs of the future.

ForwardFund Trust also invests in social change initiatives, such as community development and upliftment projects.


Other ways you can help

Through the ForwardFund Trust, companies can also contribute to start-up businesses in the following ways, and thereby contribute to the socio-economic upliftment of our society:

  • Loaned Executive Programme - In support of employment equity, place your senior executives with a start-up business.
  • Sponsor an Intern - Employ a graduate/intern and place him or her with a sector-related start-up business, or provide a bursary for further studies.
  • Skills Training - Provide a start-up business with skills-training programmes.
  • Procurement - Buy a product or service from a start-up business.